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External Wall Insulation with Complete Green Solutions

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Chris

Homes built before 1920 are built with one solid wall, which means that they let out lots of heat, making your home inefficient and expensive. External wall insulation is fixed to the outside of your wall, and then a decorative finish is rendered on top. This gives your outside walls extra protection through filling cracks and gaps, weather proofing and increasing sound resistance. Your home will receive a survey before any work begins, to make sure the property is suitable.

The first step is to remove all the ‘building furniture’ from your walls, i.e. satellite dishes, aerials and vents.

Then, the insulation boards are fixed to the building which are coated with adhesive and a reinforcement product.

Finally, a render finish is applied to your walls, so your property looks like new again. The ‘building furniture’ is refitted.

In effect, this recreates the same effect that an insulated cavity wall has, so you use less energy to keep your home warm and spend less of your money on heating bills.

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