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get PAID for installing solar panels on your roof!

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Chris

CD Electrical supply and install the latest in solar panel cells for homes or businesses in Coventry, Leicester and Nuneaton. By harnessing the sun’s energy the polycrystalline silicon found in solar panel cells and tiles can generate carbon-free energy which can be used to power household light, appliances and all electrical needs.

What are the benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar panels are extremely popular at the moment, and here’s why:

-> Solar panels are eligible under the government Feed-In-Tariff, meaning you will get PAID for the energy you generate (with a generation tariff of 14.38p/kWh based on a typical 4kWp solar PV system)

-> This means you could be getting paid up to £750 per year, for 20 years!

-> Not only this, you will also get paid for the excess energy that you produce but do not use, (a further 4.77p/kWh from your energy supplier for each unit you export back to the electricity grid).

-> A typical 4kWp system will generate roughly 3700 kilowatt hours of electricity a year
– enough to power an average homes electricity needs.

-> In addition you will contribute towards meeting government set targets to achieve 15% of total energy from renewables by 2020. You will be reducing your carbon footprint by saving 1.8 tonnes co2 per year!

> Here at CD electrical we offer 2 methods to help you with payment for this investment: Green Deal Finance and Hitachi Finance. contact us for more info on finance options.

-> All of the work we undertake here at Complete Green Solutions will be thoroughly assessed by associated bodies MCS and NICEIC to guarantee quality workmanship.

If you live in Coventry, Leicester, Nuneaton or further afield and need guidance from a qualified electrician contractor on which solar panels will get you the best return for your investment then do not hesitate to contact us today. If you'd like further information please call us on 0800 849 8110 and we'll get back to you.

For more information on Solar PV and FITs visit The Energy Saving Trust

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